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Extendo Grow, established in 2016 is a business penetrating the hydroponics market with new accessories and grow room essentials being designed, produced, then bought to market by our highly skilled agricultural specialists. From home grown to commercial, we acknowledge growers are passionate about their trade and face certain difficulties in accessing a wealth of low cost products with confidence, ease and legal protection, which is why Extendo grow prouds itself on high quality, low budget and effective problem solving products. 

Having over a decade of experience in the hydroponics market our team assesses exactly what issues current growers face and bring solutions. We acknowledge two main points, make growing easier and ensure customers get the most for their money. With this we thrive on finding market inconsistencies, and taking advantage of our management experience bring to life a more effective way of solving the everyday growing issues.

Our product, Expando, tipped by key market officials to be a major market penetrator, has already circulated the industry causing a ripple with it being stocked in over 60 shops and 3 countries in our 1styear. Expando is a product which sees indoor grow tent users eliminate the commonly faced issue of walls caving in. Not only does the Expando solve this known suction issue it adds major benefits overall with an increase in light space and better airflow reducing the risk of mould and hot spots. It can be added at any time, something light and durable, quick and easy to assemble and universally made to fit any tent size from one meter up.


With the Expando gaining worldwide recognition Extendo Grow have teamed up with Black Orchid to bring you the Expando V2 which is due for release in January 2019. A new more advanced version of the Expando which now allows users to clearly see that it is not just an accessory but a grow tent essential ensuring each customer gains maximum results and fundamentally bigger and better yields.    

Our network of highly skilled manufacturers ensure our products come to customer in the most effective and cost friendly way whilst at the same time ensuring the highest quality. We pride in making growers lives easier and with these fundamentals embedded into the foundations of Extendo, we have no doubt were heading to become a leading competitor in a highly growing and evolving market.

Our manufacturing factories and partners are accredited to iso9001 standards and their products are fully compliant with the end71, ce and cosmetic regulations. We also ensure that all our suppliers meet with agreed international working practices with regards to their staff and the environment.


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