Our Story

Established in 2016, Extendo Grow is a business that is taking the hydroponics industry by storm! We pride ourselves on innovation and creativity, and are penetrating the market with a range of new accessories and grow room essentials which have been designed and produced by our team of highly skilled agricultural specialists.

From home grown to commercial, we know just how passionate growers are about their trade, and are highly aware of the difficulties they face when it comes to accessing an array of low cost, effective products to meet their needs. This is precisely why Extendo Grow has been committed to creating a legally protected, high quality and low budget solution to satisfy growers' requirements and assist them in over-coming these issues and achieving their hydroponic dreams! 

With over a decade of experience in the hydroponics market, our team utilizes our wealth of in-depth industry knowledge to assess exactly what issues current growers are facing and strive to provide effective solutions. We acknowledge two main points; making growing easier and ensuring customers get the most for their money. With this in mind, we focus on finding market inconsistencies and take advantage of our management experience to bring to life the most efficient and effective solutions to help our customers tackle their everyday growing issues.

Expando Grow Tent

Our product Expando - tipped by key market officials to be a major market penetrator - has already sent ripples through the industry, circulating the market and being stocked in over 60 shops and 3 countries in our 1st year. Expando is a product which allows indoor grow tent users to eliminate the commonly faced issue of walls caving in. Not only does the Expando solve this known suction issue, but also adds major benefits overall with an increase in light space and better airflow reducing the risk of mould and hot spots. It can be added at any time, is light and durable, quick and easy to assemble and universally made to fit any tent size from one meter up.

With the Expando gaining worldwide recognition Extendo Grow have teamed up with Black Orchid to bring you the Expando V2 which was proudly released in January 2019. The Expando V2 is an updated, more advanced version of the Expando which now allows users to clearly see that it is not just an accessory but a grow tent essential ensuring each customer gains maximum results and fundamentally bigger and better yields.    


Hydroponics Experts

Here at Extendo Grow, we are experts when it comes to all things hydroponics! From reliable, top-quality and low cost growing equipment to specially formulated, highly effective substrates and nutrient solutions, look no further! 

Hydroponics is a complex, fascinating and rapidly evolving industry. We endeavour ourselves in staying up-to date with the most recent market trends and developments, and provide our customers with the latest innovative products and solutions so that they have eveything they need to constantly remain at the top of their growing game. 

With a wide range of organic, natural and chemical based products, we enable growers to operate in every sort of environment including ebb and flow, run-to-waste and water culture systems. Our store is stocked with products from all the leading suppliers in the industry and is comprised of an vast selection of substrates such as coco, perlite, clay pebbles and rock-wook as well as the highest grade nutrients and ferilizers. 


Skilled Manufacturers

Our network of highly skilled manufacturers ensure our products are delivered to our customers in the most effective and cost friendly way whilst simultaneously ensuring the highest quality. We pride ourselves in making growers lives easier and with these fundamentals embedded into the foundations of Extendo Grow, we have no doubt we're heading to become a leading competitor in a hugely expanding and ever evolving market.

Our manufacturing factories and partners are accredited to iso9001 standards and their products are fully compliant with the end71, ce and cosmetic regulations. We also ensure that all our suppliers meet with agreed international working practices with regards to their staff and the environment.