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Advanced Nutrients Bud Factor X
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Advanced Nutrients Bud Factor X


Bud Factor X from Advanced Nutrients has been specially designed to maximize the taste and smell of your harvest.
Bud Factor X triggers the Induced Systemic Resistance in plants. It's when plants release enzymes and proteins to fight off external pathogens. Bud Factor triggers ISR, without stressing or damaging plants. It tricks your plants into ISR mode through molecules, which resemble the ones, which plants rely on to produce ISR proteins. The formula stimulates the production of enzymes, which usually fight off pathogens and help plants overcome stressful conditions. Increased enzyme levels determine an increase in essential oil production. The improved enzyme production also strengthens your plants' immune system and stimulates healthy development.Contains a mix of bio-active ingredients which maximize the plants production of terpenoids, resins and essential oils.

  • Also helps improve yield size as well as quality.
  • Promotes strong root development and increase photosynthetic rates.

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