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Advanced Nutrients Sensizym
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Advanced Nutrients Sensizym


Advanced Nutrients Sensizym is a powerful additive, which breaks down dead root matter and turns it into feed for your plants. The product comprises powerful enzymes, which increase your plants' nutrient uptake and improves their health. The formula is made for the vegetative stage and helps your plants achieve an explosive blooming during the flowering phase. Sensizym improves your plants' immune system and protects them against diseases and pests. Use Sensizym for top-quality and high yield harvests.

  • The product is made to be used with any growing systems and growing mediums including run-to-waste hydroponics, soil, and hydroponics;
  • Growers use Sensizym during the vegetative and bloom stages;
  • Sensizym is a powerful and strong supplement;
  • Sensizym contains organic enzymes, which work perfectly in the root zone.


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