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Atami Bcuzz Blossom Builder
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Atami Bcuzz Blossom Builder


Atami Bcuzz Blossom Builder Liquid comprises a unique mixture of organic and natural ingredients suitable for the blooming and fruiting phases. The fertilizer optimizes your plants' flowering capacities and delivers denser and larger flowers. The product is suitable for all growing systems and mediums and provides your plants with the right ratio of nutrients for optimum development. The formula is highly soluble and plants can absorb it immediately. With Bcuzz Blossom Builder Liquid you'll achieve optimized harvest yields, larger flowers, and tastier fruits.


General Information

  • The fertilizer is suitable for any growing system and medium;
  • The product comprises natural and organic ingredients. The PK ratio is 1:1.5.
  • The formula is made for the last period of the blooming phase;
  • Bcuzz Blossom Builder Liquid is a base nutrient.



  • The fertilizer is highly soluble;
  • The product optimizes your plants' production of natural sugars and essential oils;
  • Blossom Builder contains a high level of Phosphorus, which hardens your plants' fruits;
  • The formula works perfectly with any irrigation system;
  • Strengthens your plants and delivers denser flowers;
  • Ensures larger and heavier fruits;
  • Enhances your plants' natural aromas and flavours.



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