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Blossom Blood
Blossom Blood
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Blossom Blood


Blossom Blood is an additive that can be used alongside any nutrient system you are currently using. Using it during the flowering stage with promote fuller buds and flowers by process of selective pH control. It stabilizes floral production using a specific type of pH buffering salt, making for a better environment for plants to thrive. By keeping the pH stable around the roots, the plant is better able to take up nutrients at maximum rates, leading to far more explosive flowering.

Blossom Blood is not a plant nutrient in any way, and has no NPK value. There are similar looking products out there, so check the label before you use them! If there is and NPK value…. it isn’t Blossom Blood! Rambridge themselves recommend starting at half dose to gauge the response from the plant; it’s easier to add a little more next time than deal with an overdose.

Hydroponics: Add Blossom Blood directly to your reservoir when flower buds appear well established. Repeat the process once more in 2 weeks or next nutrient change. For every 10 litres of growing solution in your reservoir mix in 1 gram of Blossom Blood. One 20 gram package will treat 200 litres of growing solution.

Soil Applications: Dissolve 1 gram into 20 litres of water. Water with 1/2 litre per plant when the flower buds are established. Repeat the procedure once more in 2 weeks.


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