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Canna Coco a&b
Canna Coco a&b
Canna Coco a&b
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Canna Coco a&b

CANNA Coco a&b is an all-complete nutrient solution to provide optimal growing environments for plants grown in coco.

  • CANNA is the first company to develop a high grade, professional nutrient solution which is specially formulated to maximize growth in both the growth and blooming phase of coco based substrate growing environments.
  • Includes high quality minerals such as natural chelates and humic and fulvic acids which increase uptake and absorption rates of nutrients.
  • Can be used in growth and bloom phases.
  • A compound is added first, followed by the B compound.
  • Perfect for use in ebb and flow systems.
  • Available in 1, 5 & 10L.

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