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Cultilene Rockwool CRB Tray
Cultilene Rockwool CRB Tray
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Cultilene Rockwool CRB Tray


The Cultilene CRB cubes are perfect for seedlings or cuttings. The grow cube tray is easy to use and made to deliver excellent air-to-water ratios. The unit is strong, durable, and offers growers increased control over the development of their crops. Each grow cube fits perfectly into larger rockwool cubes when the plants are ready for transplanting. Cultilene offers growers worldwide top-quality CRB propagation substrates in easy to use trays.


General Information

  • The Rockwool CRB Tray is made for seedlings and cuttings;
  • The unit comprises top-quality grow cubes, which promote healthy and strong plant growth;
  • The unit is made for the propagation phase.



  • The product is reliable, strong, and durable;
  • The unit sustains healthy crop development;
  • It's made at the highest Cultilene standards of quality and performance.



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