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Gavita HPS Pro 1000e DE SL (Slim Line)
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Gavita HPS Pro 1000e DE SL (Slim Line)


The Gavita HPS Pro 1000e DE SL is part of the 'professional' line of fixtures. Designed especially for grow rooms, our professional fixtures suit flexible and fixed installations. They are compact and come with a Repeater Bus interface (no manual control). For 208V three-phase or 240V. The reduced height make this the fixture of choice for low rooms.


  • Slim-line ballast, only 9.7 inches (19,4 cm) high
  • Highest light output and maintenance over time
  • Highly efficient passive cooling of ballast for longer electronics lifetime
  • Sealed housings with Gore-Tex® ventilation plugs
  • External control with Repeater Bus interface
  • Mounting brackets for Unistrut/c-profiles available


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