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Gavita HPS Pro 6/750e DE FLEX
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Gavita HPS Pro 6/750e DE FLEX

The Gavita HPS Pro 6/750e DE FLEX is a compact, complete and externally controlled lighting fixture.

  • 'E' in 'E-series' stands for external control, as these fixutres can be controlled centrally by a Gavita Master Controller.
  • Hybrid design between 600e SE and 1000e DE, as the 6/750e DE does not lose efficiency when dimmed to 600w.
  • Complete fixute comprising of a lamp, HR96 DE (Double Ended) reflector and horticultural quality ballast.
  • Replaceable reflector.
  • Includes safetfy features such as automatic dimming when the temperature is too high as well as automatic shutdown.
  • Newly designed ballast reduces inrush and allows for direct remote control.
  • Much higher efficiency, producing 10-25% more light than traditional, single ended lamps!
  • Made with high quality components.
  • White coating is durable and UV resistant.
  • Includes mounting brackets.
  • Max 825w boosted output.

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