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Hybrid Controller Mk2 8A
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Hybrid Controller Mk2 8A

  • Vendor: SMSCom
  • Barcode: 7141148333629
The Hybrid Controller Mk2 8A is an exceptional fan speed controller with digital temperature monitoring technology. Inlcudes an excellent programme which can use to remove excess humidity from a grow space during the lights off cycle by slightly increasing fan speen at hourly intervals just enough to remove excess humidity from the grow area.

  • Includes a 5m NTC temperature probe for easy positioning.
  • Allows fans to operate in complete silence with no buzzing or humming.
  • Built from top quality components and is highly reliable.
  • Precise temperature control.
  • 5 step fan speed control.
  • Humidity removal programme can be easily switched on and off when needed.
  • Max load of 1800w.
  • 5 Year warranty.

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