Oxypot single 19L (1 Plant)
Oxypot single 19L (1 Plant)
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Oxypot single 19L (1 Plant)


This latest version of the IWS Oxy-Pot takes the classic design to another level, replacing the standard round bucket with a sturdy square unit to help provide an even more secure sealing gland connection and to also fill a greater amount of the available growing space.

By removing the shackles and letting roots loose in an oxygen-rich nutrient solution, the IWS Oxy-Pot encourages rapid development and incredible yields.

The hole for the water level indicator also fits the IWS Glands so multiple buckets can be made into a larger system and connected to a large reservoir.

Each kit comes complete with: 
1 x Main container (houses the roots and nutrient solution) 
1 x Lid
1 x Net Pot
1 x Water level indicator with fitted gland

The total volume of the IWS Oxy-Pot is 19 liters.