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Ultra Silent Acoustic Ducting
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Ultra Silent Acoustic Ducting


Ultra Silent Acoustic Ducting reduces the noise of air flow and strong fans. It comprises 3 layers and doesn't include glass wool. Even at an increased air flow, the ducting doesn't change shape. The ducting prevents contamination of the grow room.

The product decreases noise in the ducting system. Growers who use powerful fans must decrease the noise of airflow through the ducts. The product's non-allergenic insulation prevents room contamination and minimizes noise. The ducting comprises 3 layers, which optimize airflow and reduce noise. The black foil exterior layer is made of aluminium and a metal spiral. The white insulation is made to allow airflow without producing back pressure on the fan. The 3rd inner material insulates sound without decreasing air flow. The material is cross-woven and it's designed to reduce noise without increasing pressure.


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